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London Road – The Ballad of Ray and Julie


Photo by Alan Dunn

Liverpool City Council have announced that the RAY + JULIE site has been sold to a developer. To mark the last few months of RAY + JULIE, artist Alan Dunn, composer Martin Heslop and writer Jeff Young have produced a limited edition 7″ single LONDON ROAD ’66 + ’81. The record, with photography by Vesta Hex and design by Martyn Rainford, brings together two spoken word RAY + JULIE pieces from Electronic Voice Phenomena and Composers’ Laboratory at METAL.  With additional voice by Emma French, it is released in an edition of 300.

For more, and to listen to the tracks, see









Supported by Leeds Beckett University. Photographs of single by Ricky Adam.


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Curfew Tower – Last Copies on Sale

Curfew Tower 1


The final 14 signed copies of the album available to buy on ebay.

The Curfew Tower Fragments by Jeff Young and Martin Heslop:


The Curfew Tower album also features: Ex-Easter Island Head, Alan Dunn, Easterjack, Jinx Lennon, Sophie Coyle, POINT FIVE, CLINIC, Dan Simpkins/Penny Whitehead, Damon Fairclough, Paul Simpson, SINGERSONGWRITER, Liam O’Callaghan, Paul Sullivan, Tenzing Scott Brown.

It was mixed by Ade Blackburn and John Hartley (CLINIC) Paul Sullivan (STATIC).

In late 2011, Static Gallery were invited by Bill Drummond to curate The Curfew Tower residency and art project in Cushendall, Co. Antrim for 2012. The result of these residencies was this album. It was the first release on the Liverpool based record label PRODUCT Records.

Curfew tower 2

Photos by Damon Fairclough.

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Spider-Web City

Bathore ImageUncharted Festival image

Bathore (Photo credit – John Driscoll)

Soundtrack for a new video-work presented at Uncharted Festival in Porto Palermo Castle in the south of Albania from 8th-11th August.

Over the course of three months Julia Heslop has been working in Bathore, an informal settlement on the outskirts of Tirana, Albania’s capital city, tracing the history of this contentious community. In collaboration with composer Martin Heslop, the research has gone beyond Bathore, to Puka, Tropoja and Kukes, searching for the traditional music and musicians and the vacant villages of the north. The video follows the roots of one 21-year-old girl, born in Puka and raised in Bathore since the age of one. Her story represents the first generation of Bathore and the area as it is now, as it has become.

 The work follows the girl’s experience of growing up in a community built by people, from the ground up. She speaks of her aspirations for what the youth of Bathore can build, can change, her words spoken through a haze of northern melodies and the clattering of industrial noise. Through a converging dance of image and sound the viewer is invited to trace the emergence, expansion and reimagining of place; of a town coming to maturity.

In this work Bathore’s scarred landscape, its unfinished buildings, its faltering streets, all tell the story of migration, building and imagining. It is about seeing the reflection of another town in the windows of your own.

Thanks to Kristiana Faslia, Antuela Gjata, Marjana Lila and Artur Kurtallari for their help with the making of this video and to musicians Ben Hasani, Kujdesi Maçmata and Agron Sopaj.

For more information about this festival visit: and for more information about Julia’s research in Albania visit her blog:

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