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Curfew Tower – Last Copies on Sale

Curfew Tower 1


The final 14 signed copies of the album available to buy on ebay.

The Curfew Tower Fragments by Jeff Young and Martin Heslop:


The Curfew Tower album also features: Ex-Easter Island Head, Alan Dunn, Easterjack, Jinx Lennon, Sophie Coyle, POINT FIVE, CLINIC, Dan Simpkins/Penny Whitehead, Damon Fairclough, Paul Simpson, SINGERSONGWRITER, Liam O’Callaghan, Paul Sullivan, Tenzing Scott Brown.

It was mixed by Ade Blackburn and John Hartley (CLINIC) Paul Sullivan (STATIC).

In late 2011, Static Gallery were invited by Bill Drummond to curate The Curfew Tower residency and art project in Cushendall, Co. Antrim for 2012. The result of these residencies was this album. It was the first release on the Liverpool based record label PRODUCT Records.

Curfew tower 2

Photos by Damon Fairclough.

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Bright Phoenix – Reviews and Pictures

Carl 4

The Guardian – 4 Stars:

“A plea on behalf of the liminal figures that give Liverpool its soul.”

“Serdar Bilis’s production provides a cascade of images, beautifully designed by Ti Green, to suggest a fault line running between the city’s derelict past and its shiny, regenerated future…….with nocturnal torch songs and aggressive punk outbursts by composer Martin Heslop forming an integral part of the action.”

Stage 1

Liverpool Echo– 4 Stars

“at times crazily beautiful”
“trippy, dreamy, poetic”

The Times:

“Directed by Serdar Bilis, it’s both ragged and beautiful, melancholy and ecstatic, sordid and exultant”
“its audacity, swagger and reckless unpredictability keep you hooked on its intoxicating, fantastical night-flight”
“Martin Heslop’s achingly lovely live music”

What’s On Stage – 4 Stars

Skin and Bones

British Theatre Guide:

“a piece of work brimming with vitality, a theatrical firework that snaps, crackles and pops”
“Bright Phoenix roles along on adrenaline alone”
“intoxicatingly, seductive musical score”
“The humour is earthy, performances earnest and production hugely creative. It all adds up to a rather exotic blend of saturnalia”

Click Liverpool – 5 Stars:

Carl 3

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Bright Phoenix

Bright Phoenix at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, October 2014. Written by Jeff Young. Music and songs by Martin Heslop. Directed by Serdar Bilis. Designed by Ti Green. Video designer – Louis Price. Lighting designer – Chahine Yavroyan. 

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