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Upcoming – Horny Handed Tons of Soil

Horny Handed Tons of Soil at Unity Theatre, Liverpool, 13th – 15th July 2017.

A theatrical collaboration combining poetry, live music, storytelling and film, exploring themes of  destruction, construction and memory within the stories of what has been lost and found in the re-sculpting of the Liverpool landscape over the last fifty years


Written by Lizzie Nunnery, Martin Heslop and Vidar Norheim with Martin Smith.

Film and Video by Tim Brunsden.

Tickets and more info here:

Commissioned by Unity Theatre.

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Upcoming – The Lighthouse Invites the Storm

The Lighthouse Invites the Storm will be a large scale installation and live performance by Alan Dunn, Martin Heslop & Jeff Young in collaboration with poet Helen Tookey, retired seafarers from the Wirral and sound artists from Mexico.


Fort Perch Rock & Lighthouse, New Brighton, 24-30 July.

More details to follow.

Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool John Moores University and Bluecoat.

(Image copyright Hidden Wirral 2014)

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London Road – The Ballad of Ray and Julie


Photo by Alan Dunn

Liverpool City Council have announced that the RAY + JULIE site has been sold to a developer. To mark the last few months of RAY + JULIE, artist Alan Dunn, composer Martin Heslop and writer Jeff Young have produced a limited edition 7″ single LONDON ROAD ’66 + ’81. The record, with photography by Vesta Hex and design by Martyn Rainford, brings together two spoken word RAY + JULIE pieces from Electronic Voice Phenomena and Composers’ Laboratory at METAL.  With additional voice by Emma French, it is released in an edition of 300.

For more, and to listen to the tracks, see









Supported by Leeds Beckett University. Photographs of single by Ricky Adam.


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BODY – Live Performance

This Thursday downstairs at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool:



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Tonight at Liverpool Philharmonic

Mount Street snowBootle Bomb Damage


First outing for a newly commissioned work, Liverpool, I Love Your Horny Handed Tons of Soil. Words by Lizzie Nunnery, Music by Martin Heslop and Vidar Norheim.

It will be premiered as part of Liverpool Acoustic Festival tonight 18th March at 7.05.  Find out more about the night here:

Phrased & Confused at Liverpool Acoustic Festival

Photos courtesy of Edward Chambre Hardman and Liverpool Records Office.

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A552 HEX



A552 HEX by Jeff Young and Martin Heslop for Translating the Street – Birkenhead, March 2016.  Listen to it in full here:




And an interview with Frank Cavanagh (cobbler) and Jeff Young (writer) here:

Images by Rept0n1x


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Translating the Street

New audio work A552 HEX by Jeff Young and Martin Heslop commissioned by Alternator Studio, Birkenhead, as part of Translating the Street, taking place on Sat 5th March, 10.30 – 17.00, in various shops around Oxton Road, Birkenhead.

Frank Cavanagh's

A552 HEX will begin at Frank Cavanagh’s Cobbler Shop, one of the last remaining businesses on Borough Road, Birkenhead. Frank has been a cobbler for over 60 years.

For more info:

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