ALTERNATING CURRENTS | featuring voices of W. N. Herbert, Fiona Sampson, Sean O’Brien, Helene Gelens, Elma van Haren and Menno Wigman.

Commissioned by the Poettrio Experiment for Newcastle Poetry Festival 2018.

Thanks to Lindsay Rodden and Julia Heslop.


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Radio Tower Sea

New work ALTERNATING CURRENTS: TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE NORTH SEA to be presented at Newcastle Poetry festival at Sage, Gateshead on Thursday 3rd May.

Commissioned by the Poettrio Experiment (more info: here), a new immersive sound work in response to collaborative poetry translation from leading Dutch and British poets. Imagined as an intercepted cross-border broadcast, Alternating Currents explores the intersection of language, code and music.

See here for more information and tickets: