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Four Words – Films and Photos

Footage from Four Words curated by Alan Dunn:

Full 20 minute film by Edwin Pink TV:



Interviews and timelapse by Bob Wass:


Eff Owe You Are:


Picture courtesy of Alan Dunn, see here for lots more on the project:


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Four Words

Four words image 1

Today at 3pm:

FOUR WORDS curated by Alan Dunn, Liverpool Media Wall, 3.00-4.00pm on Wednesday 20th January 2016, supported by Arts Council England, Seedbed, Metal Liverpool and Ocean Outdoor.

FOUR WORDS is one of the Liverpool Provocations, a series of four new public-realm artworks for Liverpool city centre taking place during the January sales season. The project has been developed by Metal Liverpool in conjunction with artist Alan Dunn.

Texts by
Sam Ainsley / Hala Al Alaiwat / Sean Ashton / Clarisse Aubert / Shaista Aziz (writer and journalist) / Fiona Banner / Alex Bellos (broadcaster and author of ‘Alex’s Adventures in Numberland’) / Franco Bianchini (Professor of Cultural Policy and Planning, Leeds Beckett University) / Chris Bishop / Terry Boyle / Jessie Brennan / Pavel Büchler / Billy Cancel / Jayne Casey / Matthew Caygill (Senior Lecturer, Cultural Studies And Humanities, Leeds Beckett University) / Roger Cliffe-Thompson / Clinic / Sara Clowes (community gardener) / Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (author of ‘Gigi’ 1944) / Douglas Coupland / Shaun Curtis / DaDaFest / Alan Dunn / Zak Dunn-Jurack (aged 16) / Jason K. Dy, SJ (Filipino/Artist/Priest) / Nina Edge / Jack Ehlen / Chris Erskine / Damon Fairclough / David Fairclough (Liverpool FC 1975-83) / Steve Faragher (Kensington Vision CIC and Liverpool Community Radio) / Foreign Investment / Forest Swords / Miro Griffiths (DaDaFest) / Shanaz Gulzar / David Harding / Marion Harrison / Bethany Hermitt / Julia Heslop / Martin Heslop / Roger Hill / Stewart Home / Derek Horton / David Jacques / Philip Jeck / Nathan Jones / Brigitte Jurack / Rudy Kanhye / Kath Keith, Rob Keith (retired seafarer) / Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner (economist and journalist, authors of ‘Freakonomics’) / Jonathan Lindh (eco architect) / Ollie Longhurst (DaDaFest) / LUST3R / Luther Blissett High School / Elizabeth Flanagan McCormick / Harry Meadley / Nathaniel Mellors / Mark Melvin / MeYouAndUs / Paul Morley (music journalist and author) / Simon Morris / Julie Nugent (Young People’s Domestic Violence Advisor, Cumbria) / Harold Offeh / Julieann O’Malley / Joe Fletcher Orr / Samela Otovic / Bernadette O’Toole / Ben Parry / Captain Pengelly (retired seafarer) / PIES / Leo Plumb / Claire Potter / James Quin / Jamie Reid / Rachel Reupke / The Reverend Max Ripple / Gerhard Richter / Paul Rooney / SEEDS (support for the Eastern European and Roma communities in Liverpool) / Bryony Shakespeare-Smyth / Liu Shaojun / Dr Katy Shaw (Principal Lecturer in Contemporary Writings, Leeds Beckett University) / Eoin Shea / David Shrigley / Ross Sinclair / Yann Steunou-Murray (A-level student) / Michelle Stubbs (DaDaFest) / Paul Sullivan (Static) / Superflex / Dr Zoë Tew-Thompson (Senior Lecturer in Media, Communication, Cultures, Leeds Beckett University & New Media Geographies Students) / Alma Tischler Wood / James Treadell / Nandu Ullegaddi (Age UK Wirral) / Sam Wade (DaDaFest) / Harriet Walsh (Permaculture) / Andy Warhol / Esther Wilson / beate maria wörz / Jeff Young / Jess Young & Jennifer Conway / each contributor’s name will appear on the screen with a profession or description after their name.


Image courtesy of Alan Dunn

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